Spirit-Heart-Body-Mind Integration

Arbutus Counselling Eleonora Molnar

Welcome to Arbutus Counselling

Welcome to Arbutus Counselling

Welcome to Arbutus CounsellingWelcome to Arbutus CounsellingWelcome to Arbutus Counselling

Spirit-Heart-Body-Mind Integration


Who I Am and What I Do

Relational Somatic Counselling


Relational somatic counselling and integration is a body-centred process that differs slightly from traditional counselling approaches. The focus here is on noticing sensations, feelings, and impulses that arise from the body- the container of our life's information. I also offer other therapeutic approaches.

About Eleonora


Eleonora is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) in Roberts Creek, BC. She offers counselling to help you have a better relationship with yourself, heal, and move forward. Eleonora provides a safe and nurturing space so that you have the freedom to live in the present and create the future you want.



This page contains leading edge information about healing and spirit- heart- body-mind integration. We all need tools to learn new things, and to practice and reinforce what we know.


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