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About Eleonora Molnar, MA, RTC


My Background in Psychetherapy

I am Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) in Roberts Creek, BC and am a member in good standing with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT), a professional, competency based association that governs my practice, ensuring that I adhere to strict ethical guidelines and brings my clients third party accountability. My ACCT ID# is 2324.

I believe that the goal of counselling is the integration of spirit, heart, body, and mind. As a result of this alignment, we can have a better relationship with our self. 

As a counsellor, I am influenced by many therapeutic approaches and philosophies. However, I believe that it is the the relationship between the counsellor and the client that is the most influential part of a counselling experience. 

My work is to help clients discover their inner healing intelligence that will guide them to make choices and create change. I believe that everyone has the capacity for inner healing. However, this process can be greatly assisted with a caring other. Most of our emotional wounding happens in relationship and it needs to be healed in relationship; it is relational. My essential role is to work with clients to provide support along their healing journey of self-discovery. 

Before I became a psychetherapist

I have worked in the field of health care for the past 15 years and I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 22 years.

My work included 10 years of community development and social work at Vancouver Coastal Health on the Sunshine Coast (in Public Health). The work was focused on the social determinants of health. Homelessness (the need for shelter and permanent housing), aboriginal health, food security, harm reduction, substance use, and health policy have been long-standing areas of interest and focus.

For 4 years I was a health planner and project manager working with Sunshine Coast physicians, in partnership with the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health. In this capacity, I developed system changes to create better health outcomes for those seeking medical support on the Coast.

I have also spent some time over the past 10 years working with the Sechelt Nation. Before I was an interim Health Director there, I established a Community Action Initiative funded project with the Sechelt Nation that focused on learning opportunities for Sunshine Coast service providers. The project developed a comprehensive wellness model for responding to mental health and substance use issues on the Sunshine Coast. On canoe journeys and in workshops, we explored aboriginal culture and history, reconciliation, experiences of residential school and other forms of colonialism, trauma-informed practice, harm reduction, crisis response, and brain neurobiology/development.

Before working in health care, I was an instructor in the faculty of Business and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria. I was teaching business students about sustainable business practices and concepts. I soon realized that health care and sustainability are much the same -they are just called by different names.

In 2000, I earned a master's degree in environment and management from Royal Roads University. I wrote my thesis on organizational change and development. Essentially the research was about how business leaders can change organizational behaviour and move towards sustainability; this work focused on leadership, values, and ethics.

Where we work together

I offer therapy in my home office in Roberts Creek, BC. It has a lovely ocean view and spectacular scenery. If you would like to do therapy on the outside deck or on the beach, this is also a possibility.

If you are extremely busy or are mobility challenged,  I am willing to come see you in your place of work, your home, or in nature -as long as the space is calm, safe, and confidential.

I also offer counselling on-line. 

I will connect with you in real time in any geographic area that has a good internet connection. On-line counselling requires that you have a phone, tablet or computer that has a working camera.  


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